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Party Crashers
6/11/2006 21:52 pm
After last weekend's disappointment, we decided to do something a little bit different meaning, we crashed a party. The idea was to drive by this one place we had always seen on Friday and/or Saturday nights throwing monstrous parties with people swarming the outside while loud music and at times what sounds like live performances are taking place inside. It's a house centered in Beverly Hills where my girlfriend lives and each time I drove to pick her ... READ FULL ENTRY »
What Happened L.A.?
6/6/2006 06:32 am
So after my weekend in Orange County I was stoked to finally go out in L.A. But after the weekend I began asking myself, "what happened L.A.?" I started thinking it was maybe just one of those things when after a while things just get a little bleh and then they pop again. Friday night my friends and I headed to Tropicana. This is actually the place I met Jed for the first time...remember the Men In ... READ FULL ENTRY »
Orange County - The NO.C.
5/28/2006 23:26 pm
It's always good to get away every once in awhile. It gives you a chance to get some clarity and the best situation of all, to appreciate the things that you have. The last leg of the birthweek ended back in O.C. San Clemente to be particular although if you want to get to the nearest major city, it would be Irvine and for a step beneath that, Laguna. Although we had to drive north just ... READ FULL ENTRY »



hollywood, CA

looking for
something fun

What's Hot? people who are real, creative, and driven

Longest Relationship 1 year

Sexy Outfits or Nudity sexy Outfits outdoors, nudity indoors

Dominant or Submissive both

Guys or Girls guys, for sure but I'm up for a guy/girl/girl/ threesome.

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